Also see Links Page under Menu for BSA Advancement Resource Page. The Troop Librarian is in charge of the merit badge pamphlets owned by the Troop. Scouts who are taking a specific merit badge may check out a pamphlet for the duration of the merit badge.

Camping Awards

Polar Bear, CPT

First Year Program

Materials used for the Trail to 1st Class

Order of the Arrow Awards

These awards are available through the local Noquet lodge.

Position of Responsibility Forms

List of requirements by position that must be met in order to earn your position of responsibility rank requirement. Bring this signed form with you to your Scoutmaster Conference.
Requirements sign-off, Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review
This form is used to report your rank advancement to the Troop Committee. Complete when ready for Scoutmaster Conference.
Instructions on requesting a Scoutmaster Conference
Describes how a Scout requests a Board of Review
BSA advancement policy and program methods
Skit for youth to explain to 1st Year Scouts how the advancement process works