About Us

777 Northville Offers an Awesome Scouting Experience for Girls and Boys Ages 11 to 20

 How does 777 accomplish "Learn, Lead, Serve"

Troop 777 follows the Patrol Method of youth leadership.  A significantly different approach than Cub Scouts where adults mentor youth as they learn essential servant leaders skills for themselves by planning, running, and improving their Scouting program.  Each new Scout will be trained on the basic skills during their 1st year. 

Think of this sports metaphor to explain the program approach: 

    • Head Coach = Scoutmaster
    • Team Captains = Elected and trained Youth Leaders
    • Team Members = Scouts in Patrols
    • Field of Play = meetings (practice) and campouts (the game) 

While scouts are on the field of play... 

    • Coaches and spectators stay on the sidelines. 
    • Scoutmasters communicate with the youth leadership who manage their Patrols.
    • Adults may stop unsafe or inappropriate activity immediately, otherwise they work through the Scoutmaster who communicates with the youth. 

What makes 777 unique - individual development

At 777, we actively engage all our youth and believe in enabling them to develop at their own pace through mentoring and providing many leadership opportunities, all while experiencing an awesome youth-led outdoor adventure program.  Our membership size of 40-60 Scouts is ideal for providing exciting activities but not too big to limit leadership opportunities.  

We Offer 2 Different Co-ed Boy Scouts of America Programs:

1 - Scouts BSA Troop (Girls and Boys ages 11-17)

    • Troops organized by gender in Patrols of eight youth
    • Youth plan and lead all aspects of the program
    • Weekly meetings on Tuesday from 7:30 - 8:45pm
    • Monthly camp-outs and regular service activities
    • One-week summer camp
    • Annual high adventure trips
    • Participate in the nation-wide Scouting Jamboree in West Virginia every 4 years
    • 1st year Scout program that includes tailored summer camp experience
    • Flexible engagement allows for other extracurricular activities
    • Consistently recognized with the Gold Unit Award (highest level of program quality)
Girl Unit
  • The first female unit in the area, established in 2019
  • 20+ members from Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Livonia, and Plymouth...
  • Prior Cub Scout experience needed
  • Female leaders, many with advanced training, present at all activities
Boys Unit
  • Premier unit since 1999
  • 40-60 members
  • Youth from Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Farmington, Livonia, and Plymouth...
2 - Venturing Crew (Co-ed Youth ages 14-20)
    • Popular with older youth that have completed the traditional Scouts BSA Troop program and advancement
    • Focus on continuing youth-led adventures and activities
    • Meets 1/month during school year on Tuesday from 8:00 - 8:45pm
    • Youth design a program of activities based on their interests
    • Attend high adventures and Jamborees
    • Training in leadership, first aid, communication, program management, mountaineering and more

Adult Leadership 

The 777 program is fortunate to have a roster of many highly trained, experienced, and awarded volunteer adults; the current Key-3 Leaders are:
Scoutmaster - Boys Troop: Ryan Bright
    • Experienced Scouting leader
    • Experienced high adventure leader
    • Selected as a Michigan Contingent Scoutmaster to the National Jamboree
    • Recognized as Scoutmaster of the Year in the Ottawa District for 2020

Scoutmaster - Girl Troop: Joe Walker 

    • Eagle Scout
    • Experienced Scouting leader
    • Experienced high adventure leader
    • Scoutmaster at several National and World Jamborees 
    • Council-recognized Silver Beaver distinguished service award 


Advisor - Venturing Crew: Joe Walker (Interim)

    • Experienced Scouting leader
    • Experienced high adventure leader


Committee Chair: Gabe Knee

    • Parent of 3 Scouts 
    • Experienced Scouting leader at the Cub and Scouts BSA Level
    • High Adventure experience

Organizational Representative: Leonard Elliott

Executive Officer: Christopher Fairbairn

    • Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church




Address and meeting location:

Troop 777
First United Methodist Church
777 Eight Mile Road
Northville, MI 48167

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