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Welcome to Troop and Crew 777 (Northville, MI)

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Sea Base  - 7/3 to 7/10

Summer Camp - 7/29 to 8/4


Located in Northville, MI since 1999, we average between 40-60 registered Scouts.  

The troop meets every Tuesday night during the school year at 7:30pm in the First United Methodist Church gym on 8 Mile Rd.

For more information, please send our Scoutmaster a message at the Contact Us page.

WEBELOS DEN LEADERS, visit our Cub Pack Relations page to learn about our Webelos events.

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All Troop and Crew Annual Swim Test on Sunday, June 24th 5-7pm

Posted on Jun 21 2018 - 11:56pm

Attention all Troop and Crew scouts and adults:

New - print and sign waiver to speed up pool check in process!

Sunday is our  Troop and Crew-wide annual BSA Swimmer Classification test given by a Council-approved administrator.   All members must complete this classification annually in order to participate in aquatic activities..

Register: https://www.troop777northville.org/node/3125


Where: Schoolcraft College Physical Education Bldg Pool (in back across from tennis courts)  Enter via locker rooms.

When: Sunday, June 24th Tests continuously administered between 5pm to 7pm (stay only as long as it takes to pass test).

Why:  Required to participate in any BSA Aquatics activity – think summer camp, canoe/kayak trek, troop swimming night, Jamboree waterfront, any high adventure with water.

What: Swim 75 yard front stroke and 25 back stroke and 1 minute floating.

Who:  All Crew and Troop Scouts and Scouters.  (note: 777 and 755 are doing this at the same time)

Cost: Free.  Bill Phillips (Council approved administrator) and a Schoolcraft Lifeguard are volunteering their time

Forms:  Parents will need to sign a Schoolcraft liability waiver at the pool in order to enter the water.  The troop will file the appropriate BSA Swimmer Classification form.


SEA BASE note:  Sea Base Crews – you do not need to retake this test.  You are good to go until June next year.

SUMMER CAMP note:  It is highly recommended you get certified on Sunday instead of waiting to do so at summer camp; it takes away from “fun” time.  However, if you miss Sunday, you will be able to get classified at camp.

1st and 2nd CLASS SWIM PROGRAM Participant note:  Bill Phillips requires his students to attend Sunday to take the official BSA Swimmer Certification. His class met rank requirements and prepares scout for the classification test.  

Sea Base Crew Training This Week

Posted on Jun 7 2018 - 2:40pm

Saturday 3-5pm (updated - St. Paul School Room 5) - Sailing Navigation and Terms 

 Sunday 4-6pm (Schoolcraft PE Bldg Pool) - Snorkeling BSA Certification 

    • All participants must bring Schoolcraft class registration form and check for $49 made out to Schoolcraft College
    • Bring swim attire and towel.  Snorkel gear provided.
    • Class will begin with BSA Swimmer test 
    • Snorkeling BSA certification
    • Taught by Bill Phillips and Michelle Robinson
There may be a few extra spaces for non-Sea Base participants in BSA Snorkel, contact Mr. Tischler if interested. 

Summer Camp 2018 - Full Payments Now Due

Posted on Jun 5 2018 - 12:44am

For those attending Summer Camp at Camp Cole Canoe Base we need to collect ALL REMAINING BALANCES and Merit Badges/1st Year program schedules ASAP. 

We only need a few more Scouts to sign-up and we will be at 70% participation - If we achieve this milestone, the Troop Committee will fund a campout next year!!! 

Adult leaders : Ryan Bright / Andy Koilpillai 

Fees are as follows:

  • $340 - 1st Year Scout 
  • $355 - Older Scouts (for Scouts with outstanding balances after 5/7)
  • $170 per adult

Sign-up for June Outing - Goodman Hunting

Posted on Jun 5 2018 - 12:21am


Whether you want to field a team in the Tri or just camp - join us for this traditional Father's Day weekend outing.

Camping is highly recommended for the 1st year Scouts.

Get permission slip and sign-up at https://www.troop777northville.org/node/2904

Earn the RECRUITER award

Posted on Jun 5 2018 - 12:16am

Invite a friend to visit Troop or Crew 777.  If they join, you earn this award for your uniform

Parents - Add this to your summer reading list!

Posted on Jun 4 2018 - 11:34pm

New Youth Protection Training and Guidelines - Retraining Required by October 1, 2018

Please log into https://my.scouting.org to take the new YPT. 

  • Save the completion certificate and email to Anne Felosak. 
  • If you are a BSA registered adult, verify that your BSA ID is in your My Scouting profile 

While we are compliant with current training requirements, we need your help in preparing for October - Crew is 60% completed / Troop is 18% completed with new training.

The new Policies Include:

  • By October 1, 2018, all new and currently registered leaders will be required to complete the updated training
  • Adults accompanying units on activities who are present at the activity for 72 hours or more, must also take Youth Protection Training. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.
  • New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training prior to completing the registration process.
  • Units cannot re-charter unless all unit leaders have completed YPT within two years.
  • Adult Youth Protection Training is required for adult program participants 18 years or older. Adult program participants (Venturing, Order of the Arrow, Exploring) must complete adult Youth Protection Training before submitting their adult application.
  • BSA policy that when tenting, youth must be NOT more than 2 years apart in age unless relatives.
  • BSA policy that no one (youth or adult) may share an accommodation (tent) with a member of the opposite sex other than their spouse.
  • BSA policy that “buddies” must be NOT more than 2 years apart in age and the same level of maturity.
The enhanced and updated content will allow leaders and councils to comply with all current legal requirements. While this may be inconvenient for some, it reflects the BSA’s commitment to the safety of all youth.

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